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Felted Ballet Slippers

I discovered this great Felted Ballet Slipper pattern last week and knew that I had to knit up a pair for Bella and myself.  The pattern is great and knits up quickly.  Bella chose a color in Alpaca Love yarn by Red Heart.  A great knitting yarn but I was not really happy with the felting process.  It took a really long time and did not seem to felt consistently.  To be fair I knew this yarn was not specific for felting.  I also did not think ahead to how furry the end product may be when using alpaca.   All in all it was a great first attempt at knitting and felting slippers and I think that these slippers will keep her feet toasty on the many cold, Vermont winter days that are ahead.

The "before" picture

The "after" picture



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My oldest boy is a daredevil and does many crazy things in his life but apparently walking across the backyard is something that he just can’t handle.  Tuesday night he slipped and fell in the yard.  The grass is long, the grass was wet and the child was clumsy.  He fell on his hand.  Upon our first inspection it did not look bad at all so we just iced it and put an ace bandage on for comfort measures.  Wednesday was ok but my the time he was ready for bed he was in some pain.  Thursday started out bad and continued to get worse.  His hand started turning purple and swelling.  The ice and Advil were doing nothing so Mr. and I decided it was time to bring him in.  This is how he came back to me.

It is not broken but he has torn ligaments, ripped tendons and has quite a bit of soft tissue damage.  It would be better if he had actually broken it.  So he has to wear this for the next 36 hours straight and then after that he can take it off occasionally for things like a shower.  This is the same arm he broke at the beginning of summer a few years ago.  The same hand that has the thumb that the dog chomped through.  This is a very expensive hand.  I am thinking of having it bronzed!

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You can tell from the pictures that obviously I do not have time to vacuum up the dog hair because I spend all of my free time knitting socks. 

I am still working on that dang Inishturk sweater.  I was inspired by the spring blizzard to keep working on it.  As of last night I am at the shoulder portion of the front, the back is complete and I will be working on the next step today.  In the meantime I need projects that are portable so I started on some socks.  Bella caught one glimpse of them and was sure that they were for were.    They weren’t, they were for me but my daughter is as adorable as can be so now they are for her. 

I love self-striping yarn!

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The older boys went to Kentucky last week and Mr. and I just reveled in the joy of healthy children.  I am so grateful to the Lord for that.  There certainly was no reason for us to be spared. We are not special or unique and I never  say that such and such can never happen to us and it makes me all the more grateful when we are spared.  I am very aware that things can change in a heartbeat.

J went to see the dermatologist Tuesday and we got a formal psoriasis diagnosis.  We already knew that is what it was but with everything else that was happening we thought it best to get a team together.  The dr was great and very sensitive.  The main part is on his face, around his eyes.  At 11 he is quite aware and embarrassed.  His peer group is not shy about asking, “What’s wrong with your face?”    I would love to tell him that there won’t always be people asking that question but I have had too many adults look at him with crinkled noses and say, “What’s wrong with your kids face?” …sigh…  He will learn to shrug it off and I will too.   The Elidel is working well so far.  I am scared about the side effects and will use it with great discretion but at least he isn’t itchy and he doesn’t have any scales. 

During our week sans big brothers we went to the ECHO center  and watched the fish.   We even got to throw mud off of the balcony.  Such fun!  One day we played in the hose and sunned ourselves in the driveway.  It snowed the very next day and we went shopping.   Such is life in Vermont.  One day you are sweating, the next day there is a foot of snow on the ground.   We ordered fancy take-out and had a carpet picnic and we all tried to squeeze into one bed to  snuggle in and watch a movie, only to realize that we are all so much bigger than we used to be.  We made it work but it reminded me how quickly things change and how it makes me appreciate each individual moment so much more.

The week flew by and only in the quietest moments did I have a chance to sit and really miss the boys.  It is hard being away from them but good practice for when they are not with me every day anymore.   They had such a wonderful time in Kentucky engaging in fellowship, evangelistic opportunities and serving many churches in the area by working on demolition, rebuilding and landscaping.  All in an effort to encourage the Gospel to move forward and touch more hearts.  They came back dirty and tired but very happy and with a renewed spirit to serve. 

This week has been about getting back into our rhythm of daily life and tackling the mountain of laundry that comes back with two boys who have been gone for 8 days.

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Answered Prayers

The dr finally called and everything came back within normal limits and the tests for leukemia and psoriatic arthritis were negative.  Praise the Lord everything is fine.  They have him on a chronic call status and will evaluate his pain and symptoms every few months.  In the meantime we will see the dermatologist for the psoriasis and hopefully get it under control.  I think I can breathe again.

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College is on my Mind

My son is going to be a junior in high school  in the fall.  I have started the process for him to begin classes at the local community college while finishing his high school diploma program.  A few of the classes we are interested in start at the end of May.  It seems impossible that we are already at this stage of his life.  Just yesterday he was born and then I blinked.  I know all mothers can sympathize with how I feel right now.

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Leprechaun Traps

Each year my kids design and put together Leprechaun traps in hopes of capturing one of the elusive creatures.  They have yet to actually get one but the Leprechaun’s are always generous and leave behind a gold coin and some candy.  We have done this for years now and I cannot tell you how glad  I am that even the older boys are still willing to participate.  It has just been a fun tradition with the kids saving recyclable materials well in advance and plotting on how to best catch one.  You can even see in the pictures some Leprechaun dust that was left behind as he made his escape. 

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