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Now my furbaby is giving me trouble.  I noticed a little lump on her head a few days ago.  It was the same color as her skin, stuck up just a bit and looked smooth and completely round.  In true neurotic fashion I took to the internet and promptly scared myself.  I decided to wait a few days in case Nells was having some sort of puppy puberty driven thing going on.  So yesterday the thing looked huge and is turning bright red.  It sticks up above her furline and is quite noticeable now. 

I called the vet and they agreed with my now sudden panic.  If course the little voice inside my head tells me that anything that changes this quickly can’t be bad… right? Right!   The vet is literally right around the corner from my house but that office could not see us until next week sometime.  We agreed that it should be looked at sooner and so Mr. took her to the main office this morning.  I make him do all of the dirty work.  I don’t want her to associate me, her loving human mother, with the vet.  The vet who pokes, prods and picks at her.  No, she can associate that with someone else.  I am the one who cuddles her and gives her treats.

The vet said that because of the dramatic change since we first noticed it that most likely it is nothing too serious.  She said wait a while longer and see if it resolves on its own (puppy puberty thing).  If not then we can have it removed and biopsied.  So here is to hoping that it just goes away as quickly as it came.


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Penelope was rather shy about showing off her new sweater so this was the only decent picture I could get of her.  She doesn’t like to show off.  She’s humble like that. 

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They are dropping like flies everywhere we look.  It makes me want to barricade the doors, crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head until spring.   Every post I read, every friend I phone has the stomach bug.

I am fine with colds and what not but when things start flying that’s when I really have a hard time.  My poor husband makes the worst noises when he is sick so I lock him into quarantine and only go anywhere near the door to leave food, water and medicine and to make sure he hasn’t fallen and hit his head.  The past few years I have convinced him of the value of hand gel and antibacterial wipes and the man has been faithful about using them.  Subsequently he has avoided quarantine and gets to mingle with the rest of us. 

The boys are supposed to be going skiing tomorrow.  The thought of them on a tiny bus with other possibly infected teenagers makes me cringe.  I am sure they won’t mind me hosing them down in the front yard when they come home and then covering them in Lysol before they breach the threshold. 

So while I wait for spring I will just enjoy Penelope.  She is all snuggled in her red sweater and not afraid of stomach bugs or for that matter teenagers.  She just needs food, water and some snuggles and her life is complete.  Penelope, could live without the red sweater, but Bella and I force it on her for our own pleasure to keep her warm.  There is just nothing cuter than a small dog in clothing to entertain us.  Watching Bella wrangle her into that thing is hysterical and quite the workout. 


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