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Felted Ballet Slippers

I discovered this great Felted Ballet Slipper pattern last week and knew that I had to knit up a pair for Bella and myself.  The pattern is great and knits up quickly.  Bella chose a color in Alpaca Love yarn by Red Heart.  A great knitting yarn but I was not really happy with the felting process.  It took a really long time and did not seem to felt consistently.  To be fair I knew this yarn was not specific for felting.  I also did not think ahead to how furry the end product may be when using alpaca.   All in all it was a great first attempt at knitting and felting slippers and I think that these slippers will keep her feet toasty on the many cold, Vermont winter days that are ahead.

The "before" picture

The "after" picture



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You can tell from the pictures that obviously I do not have time to vacuum up the dog hair because I spend all of my free time knitting socks. 

I am still working on that dang Inishturk sweater.  I was inspired by the spring blizzard to keep working on it.  As of last night I am at the shoulder portion of the front, the back is complete and I will be working on the next step today.  In the meantime I need projects that are portable so I started on some socks.  Bella caught one glimpse of them and was sure that they were for were.    They weren’t, they were for me but my daughter is as adorable as can be so now they are for her. 

I love self-striping yarn!

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Ok, so just 2 but I was in a rhythm.  I joined two knit alongs at the same time.   Why, why would I do that?   I am not sure of the true answer but I am sure it involves insanity. 

My knitting career started with each pregnancy.  I envisioned myself sitting in a rocking chair, knitting a pair of booties and a matching sweater for my baby- to- be.   Each baby received a blanket. 

 I could not read the patterns, figure out the turns, increasing, decreasing, knit, purl… It was too much for my pregnant brain to manage. By baby number 4 and the fact that the baby was a girl demanded that I learn to knit.  My pregnancy brain could not handle it in the moment and my nursing brain nearly disintegrated. Then the realities of being a mother of 4 hit and hit hard. 

Eventually though we got to a new normal and I dared to dip my toe into the knit, purl world once again.  I found a pattern, bought The Complete Idiots Guide to Knitting and Crocheting, some needles and yarn.  I sat down and began a sweater for my 3-year-old Bella, and I began again and again and again…  Ripping out each time I made a mistake.  A year and a half later and many starts to each piece I finally had a sweater.The Lord was kind and I did not understand swatching so the completed sweater was  big and fit her perfectly a year and a half after I began.  She wore it and I beamed with pride.

  I even attached a little “Hand Made with Love By Mommy” patch inside. 

Since those early days I have ventured into more sweaters, socks, socks on double circulars, laced scarves, patterned scarves, hats, more blankets and so forth.  I tend to stick in the beginner and easy+ group of patterns. 

 So this year it was time to expand my horizons.  I saw Lion Brand announced a knit along.  It was the Inishturk sweater and hat set, an intermediate pattern.  It not only involves knitting and purling but cables and increases and decreases and twists and turns-oh my! 

 I joined in, printed my pattern and bought my yarn and needles.  I made swatch after swatch desperate to get gauge and finally one day it was a perfect swatch and I was ready.  I made myself charts and lists and made little markers out of floss in corresponding colors to the particular cable pattern.  

After a few troubles I am proud to say that I am almost done with the back of the sweater.  I am at the neck shaping.  There are some glaring errors.  If it was not so time-consuming I would have ripped the entire thing out and once again sought perfection.  Instead this is will be my practice sweater ( the one I wear on weekends to clean the house) and I will make my about town version at another time. 


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