Felted Ballet Slippers

I discovered this great Felted Ballet Slipper pattern last week and knew that I had to knit up a pair for Bella and myself.  The pattern is great and knits up quickly.  Bella chose a color in Alpaca Love yarn by Red Heart.  A great knitting yarn but I was not really happy with the felting process.  It took a really long time and did not seem to felt consistently.  To be fair I knew this yarn was not specific for felting.  I also did not think ahead to how furry the end product may be when using alpaca.   All in all it was a great first attempt at knitting and felting slippers and I think that these slippers will keep her feet toasty on the many cold, Vermont winter days that are ahead.

The "before" picture

The "after" picture

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I have never eaten a mango so I decided to buy one today.  I have no idea what will happen to the mango.  It could be eaten or it could just sit on my counter for a while.  Sometimes I get ideas but I don’t always follow through.  I am not afraid of the mango, but rather unprepared for what the mango experience may be like.  Will it be sweet and juicy?  Will it be hard and bitter?  Will it be a combination of both, sweet and juicy in parts and hard and bitter in others?  It is just the unknown.  For now the mango sits pleasantly on my counter, ripening.  I don’t really know exactly when it will be ripe, but I imagine somewhere between where it is today and squashed.

The weather is sunny and beautiful and it is currently 82*.  I need a hammock.  I want to lie in the hammock and drink lemonade all while reading a book.   I want a hammock for two so my love can lie next to me.  He can have some lemonade if he wants.  I want a hammock for me and my girl to curl up into and just hang out.  We can just lie there and plan out her entire life.  The boys are too old to cuddle with me in a hammock but I can plan their lives out for them too and just let them know later.

Yes, I certainly need a hammock.  I just thought you should know.

Now my furbaby is giving me trouble.  I noticed a little lump on her head a few days ago.  It was the same color as her skin, stuck up just a bit and looked smooth and completely round.  In true neurotic fashion I took to the internet and promptly scared myself.  I decided to wait a few days in case Nells was having some sort of puppy puberty driven thing going on.  So yesterday the thing looked huge and is turning bright red.  It sticks up above her furline and is quite noticeable now. 

I called the vet and they agreed with my now sudden panic.  If course the little voice inside my head tells me that anything that changes this quickly can’t be bad… right? Right!   The vet is literally right around the corner from my house but that office could not see us until next week sometime.  We agreed that it should be looked at sooner and so Mr. took her to the main office this morning.  I make him do all of the dirty work.  I don’t want her to associate me, her loving human mother, with the vet.  The vet who pokes, prods and picks at her.  No, she can associate that with someone else.  I am the one who cuddles her and gives her treats.

The vet said that because of the dramatic change since we first noticed it that most likely it is nothing too serious.  She said wait a while longer and see if it resolves on its own (puppy puberty thing).  If not then we can have it removed and biopsied.  So here is to hoping that it just goes away as quickly as it came.

My oldest boy is a daredevil and does many crazy things in his life but apparently walking across the backyard is something that he just can’t handle.  Tuesday night he slipped and fell in the yard.  The grass is long, the grass was wet and the child was clumsy.  He fell on his hand.  Upon our first inspection it did not look bad at all so we just iced it and put an ace bandage on for comfort measures.  Wednesday was ok but my the time he was ready for bed he was in some pain.  Thursday started out bad and continued to get worse.  His hand started turning purple and swelling.  The ice and Advil were doing nothing so Mr. and I decided it was time to bring him in.  This is how he came back to me.

It is not broken but he has torn ligaments, ripped tendons and has quite a bit of soft tissue damage.  It would be better if he had actually broken it.  So he has to wear this for the next 36 hours straight and then after that he can take it off occasionally for things like a shower.  This is the same arm he broke at the beginning of summer a few years ago.  The same hand that has the thumb that the dog chomped through.  This is a very expensive hand.  I am thinking of having it bronzed!

Mother’s Day

I love a day where I can celebrate what I do.  I love being a mother and I am grateful that the Lord gave me four of the finest creatures I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.   I am even more grateful to the man who has long supported me in this motherhood adventure.  The man who wakes early and works late so that I can stay home and nurture our children.  Without him this life would be impossible. 

My family made me a wonderful dinner complete with lobster.  Mr. calls them sea crows and absolutely hates them so he sure must love me a lot to bring one home for dinner!  For years he even took me on the Lobsta on the Lake cruise for my birthday.  He was thankful for the prime rib and I was thankful for double everything that came from under the sea.  I made yellow cake for dessert because I am a better baker.  He would have done it if I had asked but it is such an easy recipe that I didn’t mind throwing it together.   I will add the recipe below.  It was delicious with strawberries and whipped cream.  A great alternative to pound cake IMO.

I got my iPod Touch for Mother’s Day.  I have been wanting one for a long while now but I have always put it on the back of the list and prioritized something else.  Mr. bought it for me and it was even on sale!   What could be better.  I am having so much fun with it and I am finding that it is a useful homemaking tool as well.

My mom came by and I gave her this jewelry set that I made.  It was my first attempt at a necklace with a clasp and earrings.  I really like how it turned out and she just loved it.   

We ate cake and watched videos from the Kentucky trip and began planning our family vacation in Boston in July. 

All in all it was a fabulous day. 

Yellow Cake from the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook.  This recipe is a little different from the one in my actual cookbook but mine is older and things have been updated.    It is all of the same ingredients ( except for the addition of salt)  just in different values. 

3 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 1/2 cups milk
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
2 eggs
In a bowl combine flour, sugar and baking powder.  Add milk, butter and vanilla.  Beat with an electric  mixer on low speed till combined.  Beat on high speed for two minutes.  Add eggs and beat for two minutes more.  Pour into 2 greased and floured 9×1 1/2-inch round baking pans. Bake in a 375* oven for 25-30 minutes or till a toothpick inserted near the centers comes out clean. Cool on wire racks for 10 minutes.  Remove from pans.  Cool thoroughly on racks.  Serves 12. 
I actually cut it so that it serves 16.  8 pieces out of each cake.  We usually cover them with confectioners sugar but last night we added strawberries and whipped topping.  It really was the perfect compliment for the berries.   Enjoy!

You can tell from the pictures that obviously I do not have time to vacuum up the dog hair because I spend all of my free time knitting socks. 

I am still working on that dang Inishturk sweater.  I was inspired by the spring blizzard to keep working on it.  As of last night I am at the shoulder portion of the front, the back is complete and I will be working on the next step today.  In the meantime I need projects that are portable so I started on some socks.  Bella caught one glimpse of them and was sure that they were for were.    They weren’t, they were for me but my daughter is as adorable as can be so now they are for her. 

I love self-striping yarn!